In the Donbas, Venezuela, Syria and Yemen – the tomb awaits the Empire

“America is back … American leadership must meet this new moment of advancing authoritarianism, including the growing ambitions of China to rival the United States and the determination of Russia to damage and disrupt our democracy.”

Biden’s words aptly summarize the American dogma of the post-Trump era – that threatens to set the planet on fire in order for the US to update its hegemony by re-establishing its dominance and, above all, by putting the various forces that question the Pax Americana back to their place. Biden names them in the most open way. His inflammatory statements on March 17 about Vladimir Putin as a «soul murderer with no soul» were of course not accidental. For those who do not want to hide from reality, these words officially mark the beginning of a long Cold War, which the mainstream media compare to the years of the post-WW  II Cold War, which ended with the fall of the USSR.

But there can be no cold war without hot fronts. Exactly on the same days, the Western puppet posing as President of Ukraine chose to sign Decree 117/2021, which demands the annexation of Crimea by Ukraine. This decree is tantamount to a declaration of war against Russia. It is obvious that Zelensky did not make such a decision in the heat of the moment, not even on the basis of some internal correlations. Every day the international systemic media cultivates an anti-Russian climate, while in the meantime we are bombarded with the “millions of persecutions” of Uighurs by the «authoritarian» Chinese regime. At the same time, officials of NATO and the EU are issuing strict recommendations and warnings to Moscow to withdraw from Crimea and to stop all support in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Any sane person can realize that such a development will lead to a huge operation of ethnic cleansing, persecution and the imposition of a semi-fascist regime in these areas. The dirty work will not be officially undertaken by either NATO or, of course, the Ukrainian state, but by the numerous fascist gangs, which, as is well known, spearheaded the far-right pro-imperialist coup in Maidan in 2014, which imposed the geopolitical of Ukraine, binding the country to the chariot of the empire.

The right-wing government that holds power in the Ukraine, either with Poroshenko or Zelensky, but mainly with the support of the United States, has been at war with the peoples of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics for seven years. 14,000 people have already been killed, according to the UN. The people of Donetsk and Lugansk live under the exclusion of Ukraine and its Western allies, and always under the threat of a large scale ethnic cleansing.

At the moment, 90,000 Ukrainian soldiers and thousands more para-state fascists have camped on the borders of the People’s Republics and are attacking with drones or artillery shells, ostensibly in response to Donbass breaking the ceasefire. It is obvious that the Ukrainian side is constantly provoking by violating the Minsk agreements, in order to rekindle the hostilities, testing the nerves not only of the people of Donbass but also of Russia. Dozens of civilians and even children have been killed in these attacks since late March, and many members of the anti-fascist militia have also been killed, defending residents. Children, the elderly and other civilians in Donetsk and Lugansk are seen as expendable targets by Kiev and Washington as they try to provoke a crisis that will justify the further military expansion of NATO and the striking at Russia.

In recent days, the US and NATO have been denouncing the movement of the Russian military near the Ukrainian border, but, somehow, seem to miss one of the largest US military exercises that has begun and will last until June: Defender Europe 2021, with 28,000 troops from 27 countries, active in many countries from the Balkans to the Black Sea. This is where the real danger of war comes from. Earlier this week, the Americans attempted to have two destroyers cross the Bosphorus Strait into the Black Sea, but retreated at the last minute. However, US C-17 transport planes come and go in Ukraine, transporting ammunition and possibly military personnel to reinforce Kiev.

The war on the part of Kiev and its imperialist patrons is an unjust, imperialist war. It was Western imperialism that started the unrest, that financed and orchestrated the 2014 spearheaded by fascists coup. The coup d’état and the rise of the American-backed reaction to power degraded the Russian population to second-class citizens, directly threatening their very existence and forcing them to take up arms.

The war on the part of the People’s Republics is just and anti-imperialist. A possible Russian involvement will not change the nature of this war at all.

The fundamental global task for all who take a stand against oppression and exploitation, and a prerequisite for any positive world development, is the defeat of Western imperialism on all fronts in which it is involved. For those living in the West, this task is even more imperative – as it is the bloc of «their» bourgeoisie, which is embroiled in an unjust war.

Of course, some will try to avoid this task, hiding behind the notion of «inter-imperialist rivalries». Because -unfortunately for them- there can be no imperialism without victims of imperialist robbery and oppression, they have to tell us exactly who the victims of «Russian imperialism» are. The Nazis of the Right Sector? The «poisoned» Navalny? Or have the fledgling Russian imperialists invented the perpetual motion machine, maintaining a system of robbery and oppression that has no need of victims?

Andrey Brazhevsky, 29, member of Borotba. He was killed in the massacre of Odessa during the burning of the Trade Union building by fascists on 02/05/2014.

At the suggestion of the comrades of the Ukrainian communist organization Borotba, who are fighting in conditions of utter illegality, and the Anti-imperialist Front, it was decided to hold demonstrations on April 17 against imperialist aggression and the danger of a generalized war against the Donbass. We take a clear stand of support to the just struggle of the people of Donbass.

On the same day, an anti-war and anti-imperialist rally was held in Athens and other cities of the country, in which, however, one cannot find the slightest reference to the dramatic events in the Black Sea region. If this is not hypocrisy, it is at least a manifestation of ostrich-like behavior, that suggests that this kind of unfocused “anti-imperialism” is analogous to a struggle for social change cut off from its material conditions, cut off from the land, with no such thing as fronts and battles. What kind of anti-imperialism and anti-militarism is this that fails to utter a single word regarding the hottest spot in Europe at the moment? The “equal-distance” Western Left is the kind of Left that does not question the dominant narrative of its bosses «about the evil Russians», thus leaving the dominant propaganda do its job. «No threat stems from such an anti-imperialism. Now the priority is to tackle the Russian-Chinese threat. After all, you do not seem to disagree that the Russians are also a deadly threat to the peoples and humanity.» This is the conclusion drawn from the alchemies of the equal-distance Left, that refuses to differentiate between those fighting in the Donbass – and acknowledge that the one side is waging a just war, while the other an unjust.

No to the war of NATO and the far-right government of Kiev against the Donbass!

• Victory to the Donetsk and Lugansk militias. For the defeat of the fascist gangs and the Kiev army.

• No participation in the unjust imperialist war. Out with the NATO bases and nuclear weapons. For the dissolution of NATO.

• The enemy is within our country. No to enlistment at 18. No increase of the military service. No to nationalism, no to the Greek excursions in the Mediterranean Sea, no to the fences of the EEZ. In Ankara, Athens, Nicosia, our enemy is capitalism and militarism.

Communist Revolutionary Action ★ Avantgarde



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