Iran and the information gloom of the Empire

By Nikos Moraitis for avantgarde (original text in Greek:

Translated by Davey Heller from

An honest question

We ask ourselves, is there nothing left as lessons of recent history in the communist movement? After so many orange revolutions, so many Western coups in broad daylight, such exposure of funding-mco-recruitment networks, what is left behind as a legacy to assess the «spontaneous» uprisings abroad that we learn about mostly through the media’s gracious patronage us;

OK, we hear a lot about the Petsa list, but no one talks about the apparent embargo of alternative views in its geopolitical dimension. It is a characteristic of a peculiar racism, less crude – more refined, to treat the official views of states that do not fit into the Western norm, as illogical, irrational. In the past, they would have said that the West is governed by some biological superiority, while now they do not stop from morning to night to incense the world with the theories that the states of the East are dictatorial, illiberal and obscurantist.

These general impressions also need the necessary facts to strengthen them. It takes Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, incubators in Kuwait, chemical weapons in Ghouta to create so much disgust in the West that – in addition to the economic acquisition of their conscience – they allow military interventions, air blockades and coups

So when stories like this break out, shouldn’t they be ringing bells? Even in the form of a suspicion, a reflection, a worry? Or maybe they just don’t care, because they think that the key to the revolution is not in understanding the movements of the opponent, but is hidden somewhere inside us, in our daily authoritarian practices that we must clean up as proper Communist-Protestants [1] ?

But to the extent that the methodology of the orange revolutions has not been included in the scheme of how the world works, unfortunately the left will be constantly lost in the pretexts that imperialism presents every time to promote its plans.

What is generally at stake in Iran?

Everyone places their own framework on how they understand the outbreak of social uprisings. More or less, those who uncritically adopt the Western narrative of the protests claim the familiar scheme that Iran is an oppressive regime that puts permanent pressure on women and minorities and that this is why the uprising took place. Iran is considered to be a boiling cauldron on the verge of revolution. Despite the Western self-referentiality, the orientalism of the above narrative, which even insults the women of Iran themselves, this is more or less their story.

For us, however, the context is different. Iran is permanently under a regime of economic, political and military pressure from the collective West. It is not unknown that the Islamic republic of Iran has been under massive Western sanctions for many decades. Especially in recent years, Iran is among the countries with the most sanctions next to Russia, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and of course Cuba. These attacks have been openly claimed by US government officials, such as Richard Nephew [2] , who boasted that he managed to drive Iran’s GDP from 3% growth in 2011-12 to a contraction of 6.6 points, to maintain unemployment and inflation, as well as devalue the currency three times. The cynical economic assassin stated that their purpose was to exacerbate inequality and poverty so that the average Iranian could not even buy necessary drugs and medical equipment, to create conditions for popular unrest. As the UN special investigator confirms Alena Douhan [3] , sanctions are putting enormous pressure on the people of Iran mainly by contributing to food insecurity and a significant shortage of medicines.

These sanctions are the price it pays to keep its national wealth from being plundered by the Western multinational crows. It is the price it pays for its nationalized oil, which is used to preserve its national independence, the home of its cultural identity and not its conquest by Western cultural imperialism, and to secure a better social contract than the situation that the country lived under the Shah. On the latter, Iran was the empire’s backyard, with American and Western multinationals plundering its wealth, and leaving the vast mass of the population in conditions of extreme poverty, illiteracy and all the typical features of a colonized country. The sanctions have nothing to do with Islam or the theocratic nature of the regime, as the example of Saudi Arabia shows us. The justifications Westerners use for sanctions are about perceived development nuclear [4] program by the Islamic Republic. But Iran has repeatedly complied with the unreasonable demands of the Americans, the economic sanctions [5] remain and increase.

Iran is the main reason Palestinian resistance still exists. At a time when the Arab countries are abandoning the struggle for the liberation of Palestine, Iran continues to support the just national liberation struggle carried out by Palestine with resources and strength. But also of course Syria, Hezbollah, the Houthis in Yemen, the Iranian-backed militias in Iraq. Let us never forget that without Iran, ISIS could never have been defeated and we would have a second-worst-Saudi Arabia at the center of the Arab world. On all these critical fronts, Iran has been a critical backbone of the Axis of Resistance against all the US-led coups that have sowed death in the Middle East for nearly 40 years. Strange as it may sound to Western ultra-revolutionaries, Iran has been more internationalist in the Middle East than any other power. If we are not moralists, seeking purity of intentions, but people of action, Iran has offered the greatest international solidarity in safeguarding the integrity and independence of these peoples by fighting NATO proxies.

Besides these, Iran has been in a process of further political cooperation with the rest of the Asian states in recent years. Its participation in the Shanghai Pact [6] , the opening of large economic partnerships with Russia [7] and China [8] , the promotion of communication and exchange ties with neighboring states (eg Uzbekistan), all these are features of a rising economic integration of Eurasia, and independence from the shackles of empire. For example, Iran [9] recently supported the effort to de-dollarize global trade relations, a move that pits it against US economic interests.

For all these reasons the empire has targeted Iran many times. The US has repeatedly launched significant threats [10] against the country’s territorial integrity, even proposing different destabilization scenarios. As the new atlas [11] pointed out , Brookings [12] has for 13 years proposed different models of punishing Iran, including invading, bombing its nuclear facilities, supporting an Israeli-Iranian conflict, organizing an orange revolution through popular protests, supporting Iran’s minorities or political oppositions, organizing a coup d’état, and more. Therefore, regardless of a comparative analysis of the position of women in Iranian and Western societies (which would not necessarily bring the West forward), when the West talks about women in Iran, it does not do so in order to liberate them. The West has a material interest in the exploitation and political neutralization of the state at the center of the rising Eurasia. So whenever she talks about it, we should at least be suspicious of her intentions.

Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are

One of the main myths on the left is that movements have no leaders. They think that political action is the cumulative effect of social causes, thus leaving aside what one is fighting for, for what purpose, with which allies and symbols. She thinks that the sidewalk somehow belongs to her, because her own world uses this form of wrestling. Even worse, sections of the left drunk on postmodernism see political struggle as the sum total of some people’s experiences as if it were a boiling pot.

We are not with all those who rebel anyway. Even if someone is wronged and has every reason to want to fight, turning injustice into politics is a form of removing injustice. The political movement does not seek to satisfy the wronged or to dig into his wounds and heal them. No, the political movement basically seeks victory and not to psychotherapeutically manage the victims of capitalism and imperialism. The postmodern mainly sees the oppressed and the struggler as a trauma, that is, someone who enters the struggle to come to terms with himself and his past, as if it were some Hollywood movie. That’s why they sit and listen to anyone who has a slightly touching story, if only they could save his special experience, to reveal his invisibility. But how does luck bring them and they only listen to accredited liars, thus allowing themselves to be battered by imperialist propaganda and thus become idiosyncratic political zombies of the empire in the center of Athens?

Based on the above, let’s look at some elementary things regarding the uprising in Iran. First let’s see who is in solidarity with the struggles in Iran for what is happening there, who is happy with these protests. A little research in the internet salons of the most important Western mass media that utter the word of empire brings out a – not so unexpected – unanimity. The BBC [13] , Reuters [14] , the Washington Post [15] , Time [16] , France24 [17] all the good guys that is, from institutions of legality and regularity, turned into fiery rebels in favor of of law in Iran. As well as the official American government, the European Union and other bodies of empire. In addition to these, of course, together with the Iranian-Americans for a free Iran [18] , the center for human rights in Iran [19] , which, among other things, calls for immediate military intervention by the West in Iran. Does the solidarity of these – and not only – the media at all concern those who are in solidarity with the demonstrations in Greece? Against whom exactly do the western ravens extend a hand of friendship and solidarity? Are they generally addressed to some women protestors or to the political actors who organize these protests? And ultimately what do these organizations think about Iran’s geopolitical strategy vis-à-vis the empire? Or maybe the embassies and governments of the West have not understood what is happening in Iran and all kinds of «solidarists» know?? Could it be that the daily reports of the embassies are wrong and they have not understood what kind of rebellion is going on in Kurdish Iran? Or have some simply missed the narrative that has been served to them?

Are women protesting?

But let’s get back to the facts. The most popular narrative claims that on the occasion of Amini’s death, a crowd of protesters poured out to attack Iran’s theocratic regime and its oppressive measures against women. To begin with, it is highly questionable whether these protests concern the whole of Iran. It seems that the bulk of them are concentrated in NW Iran, i.e. the Kurdish part of Iran. Beyond that, however, there are many within the anti-Iranian struggle who rush to emphasize the Kurdish character of the movement [i] . Solidarity demonstrations in many countries have the flags [20] of the Peshmerga Kurds, as well as flags of the Shah. But we don’t have to go far as already some sections within the «movement» are grumbling about the downgrading of the Kurdish character [21] to its gendered character.

But while the demonstrations continued, one of the armed Kurdish organizations of Iran, PJAK [22] called for the mobilization and coordination of all the «democratic organizations and parties» of Iran in order to turn the demonstrations into a revolution, by organizing local «militias ”, gathering weapons etc [ii] . The political leader [23] of PJAK has found refuge in Germany having even received German citizenship. How did this happen again? Did he manage to make a fool of the German state, and as another Lenin will he return to his homeland to fight against American imperialism as well? Another Kurdish opposition party, the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan, even accuses the US government and the free world of an oligarchy [24] when it should be pressing even harder with sanctions and threats. The Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK) has also officially received equipment and training [25] from the US.

These organizations carried out an arms operation in northwestern Iran, which also had the largest volume of protesters. In response to this the Revolutionary Guards [26] also carried out a barrage of attacks [27] , resulting in significant losses of members of the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK), the Kurdistan democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), PJAK and the Komala party. Similar operations were carried out on the border with Azerbaijan [28] . There are also reports of similar Wahhabi Takfiri [29] (ISIS-type) operations on the northwestern and southeastern borders.

At the same time, the government of Iran made an official protest [30] to the government of Iraqi Kurdistan to limit the activities of armed groups in the region and to expel Israeli agents in the region. In addition to the Kurdish organizations, the official Iranian government has also claimed that 49 members of the MEK, a leftist organization that has also been funded by the US, have been arrested. It is therefore strange to emphasize the exclusively female character of aspects of the «movement». More reminiscent of some over-aged administrators of Langley, Virginia than just… “women”.

Informational gloom

was recently revealed A scandal [31] that directly implicated the US Pentagon in a mission to shape public opinion through social media. But this mission concerned Iran, Lebanon, Russia and other Central Asian countries. The agents behind this project built a system of automated profile creation on facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc., with the purpose of spreading pro-American positions, and slandering the policy of “Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon as well as subgroups of Iraq and Saudi Arabia». The scandal was investigated by the two research centers Graphika and Stanford Internet Observatory. But how many similar projects must be happening right now as we speak?

The Kayhan newspaper puts forward the following interesting reasoning [32] . Twitter currently has about 206m active users [33] who use it on a daily basis and about 314 overall users [34] . The spread of the hashtag for Amini reached 100 million retweets. That is, theoretically, about half to a third of Twitter was discussing Amini’s death. At the same time, however, the entire Farsi-speaking Twitter (i.e. also outside Iran) corresponds to only 3.3 million [35] users. Iran is not even in the top 20 countries in users of the platform. In total, the Farsi-speaking Twitter has generated 538 million tweets, half of which are related to discussions about science. So if the Farsi-speaking Twitter is 3.3 million users, who are the rest of the 100 million who retweeted? The most likely to certain scenario is that they are non-pranksters or just Pentagon bots.

Such missions are not rare and similar ones have been uncovered in the past [36] . Let’s also not forget that similar campaigns were carried out with Cambridge Analytica for the election of Trump, as well as by the English secret services for defaming groups that were against the lockdowns [37] during the corona virus. In addition to these psy-ops, the US deep state has in the past also engaged in more specific infiltration operations within the communist and anarchist movement, creating fake magazines and organizations [38] in order to reduce the power and influence of anti-imperialist organizations in the US. .

In other words, the empire is consciously seeking to establish a system of global methodicality in the flow of information. It is not only the Petcha list that guides our information gluttony, but also all these information harnessing projects to spread pro-imperialist propaganda. Thousands of bots and fake profiles to spread the information they want whenever they want it. And it even seems that all of them often put on a leftist or a progressive [39] face to get their final message across. Cooperation with imperialism is not just an opportunistic reception of arms or money. On the contrary, it constitutes a political alteration of the content of the struggle, reprogramming the organizations into instruments of orange revolutions and allows the opening of the world of the struggle to imperialist propaganda. Then these puppets of imperialism are also used to knead the world in the west.

It is rather the expression of a certain provincialism, which on the left takes the form of an inability to understand the global character of the modern class and ideological struggle. If we cannot grasp the organization of the information struggle (that is, where we eat them), we will never be able to build a movement of class independence. Already from the information we will gather, the bases of the discussion will be determined by the constants and data that imperialism will set. If we can’t get all these weeds out of the way, see their methodology, their political reasoning and their conclusions, then unfortunately we won’t be able to break free from the mild opinion-making they do.

Initial conclusions

It seems that the remnants of the Shah, the American-funded leftist Iranians, and the Kurdish organizations have made a powerful presence in the latest political developments. All of these are a set of options that the Empire has supported in order to pressure or even overthrow Iran for the reasons we mentioned earlier

Based on the above, the claim that the movement in Iran is made up of women for the purpose of liberating women from patriarchal shackles, is tested as at least untrue. It is clear that outside Iran they have the political hegemony of the «movement» that broke out on the occasion of the death of Mahsa Amini. At the same time, we also see significant indications of their intense presence inside the demonstrations, which necessarily puts us in a position of caution with this particular movement. At the moment we don’t know if the demonstrations are also attended by groups, which indeed seek the conflict with oppressive policies, but at the same time do not tolerate to coexist politically with all these agents of the global reaction. This will be decided in the future by the direction of the movement. Political cohabitation with all these rations is a fatal error on the part of the Iranian and global left. All of them have effectively placed themselves on the tail of the empire because their vision is not a «free Iran», but a broken, bombed Iran like Syria, Libya and Iraq are now.

A political canceling operation

A few days ago the communist and anti-imperialist P. Papadomanolakis was targeted by an Iranian «journalist» living in Greece for a post on social media regarding the death of Mahsa Amini. This particular Iranian claims to work for Radio Zamaneh [40] and previously for Khodnevis Media [41] . Radio Zamaneh is based in Amsterdam [42] , and claims to “adhere to international journalistic principles of objectivity, accuracy and impartiality. In the » sponsors [43] » option, we read that Radio Zamaneh is sponsored by the US State Department, the famous NED, the European Commission and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, as well as others.

What else needs to be said about this particular «political refugee»? The man practically works for the US State Department. What credibility do his words have about what is happening in Iran? Isn’t it true that he works for Radio Zamaneh? Then why has he himself put it on his social media, freely and accessible to everyone?

So what does this fact make all those who believe its claims? Are they deluded people, tricked by a trickster? But how could he fool them, since the information we publish here is public and easily accessible to anyone with a minimal search? Maybe they just don’t care because they are already politically disarmed of such concerns. Because for them, this particular person just presents himself as an «Iranian refugee», some victim of the oppressive mullahs, and not as a water carrier of NATO propaganda in Athens!

There is no need, «competitors», for American propaganda to come only from the lips of Biden and Pelosi. They will find other figures more likeable to spread their tales, like this one. You, on the other hand, are called to stand before the court of your own self. Because if you pass all this lightly, since there is no longer any dark spot for the role played by the left-leaning NATO propaganda water carriers, then you have already become one with them.

It is a real shameful sight not only of the specific Kurdish and Iranian but also of the left here in the role of voluntary servitude of the State Department. And if for the Kurdish or Iranian left there is an excuse from somewhere to keep in alliance with the devil, the Greek left has no alibi. That they are taking a line from the Iranian about oppression in Iran, that they are repeating his lies about what happened at the Anti-NATO event, are symptoms of this progressive enslavement of these pieces of the left and anarchy to the empire and its propaganda. It is an expression of the processes that have opened up in the world after the start of the military operation in Ukraine, where for the first time the global monopoly of the USA is being challenged. In this life and death struggle of the West, no one can be left untapped. Everyone must fight for their place in the post-war social contract of imperialism. The NATO left has decided to accomplish this by spreading ideological obfuscation, spreading lies and slander, and of course beating their opponents with even the most progressive arguments. He has already taken sides in this fight alongside world reaction and destruction.


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