Venezuela – US lackey calls for coup

The -previously universally unknown- lackey of imperialism who has proclaimed himself «President of Venezuela», Juan Guaido, published a three-minute video earlier today calling the Venezuelan armed forces to attempt a coup d’état.

The history of the Operation Condor and the Monroe Doctrine, discussed more and more openly by the gangsters in Washington, usually calls for a serious stance towards such developments.

Nonetheless, it is extremely difficult not to laugh when watching this clown say that «[…] today, the armed forces are clearly on the side of the people», pointing -without even believing it himself- at a formation of about fifteen military men (?) and paramilitaries standing behind him.

It is even harder not to laugh when this lackey refers to himself as «the President of Venezuela, the legitimate leader of the armed forces.» Or when we see the way the «military» formation breaks up when the video stops.

What is even funnier is the fact that this clown and his company were dispersed not by bullets, but merely by some tear gas thrown by the police (as reported by Reuters).

At this phase, this call to a coup by the US lackey seems to be just another episode of the ridiculous and totally unsuccessful effort that he and his American patrons are making lately. In any case, the Bolivarian government has stated that it is taking action about the issue and has called on the Venezuelan people to remain vigilant.

Solidarity with the Bolivarian armed forces and the popular militias who are defending the gains of the Bolivarian Process, the self-determination and independence of the Venezuelan people. Although, if these were to actually be threatened, it will take something much more than a gusano-clown, a small band of mercenaries and a camera man…

P. Pap. for avantgarde



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