Imperialist murderers, hands off Syria!


The banner reads: «Victory to the Syrian Arab Army, for the defeat of the Empire – Communist Revolutionary Action»

Statement by the Communist Revolutionary Action (Greece)

It is clear that the United States, along with Britain and France, are feverishly preparing to launch an overwhelming strike against Syria under the pretext of unsubstantiated claims regarding the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army during the liberation of Eastern Ghouta from the decimated Islamist groups of former al-Nusra and Co. There is not even one grain of truth in their claims. The Syrian Arab Army had no reason to use chemical weapons; the military operation had come to an end, and the only pending issue was the transportation of the reactionary Islamist groups to Idlib – by buses provided by the Syrian state.

Furthermore, the Syrian government has categorically denied all allegations and called on the OPCW inspectors to visit Eastern Ghouta for investigation. But not even this seems to satisfy the demands of the Empire, which declares that it does not even need a pretext to justify its actions.

This whole story about the use of chemical weapons is simply one more false-flag operation orchestrated by the «White Helmets» (the humanitarian department of al-Nusra and the FSA) and the “Syrian American Medical Society”, both organizations that are funded by Western governments. The use of false flags and humanitarian propaganda for the justification of their criminal action and military interventions is standard playbook for the Western imperialists, and it has been so since the Gulf War. So now they are preparing to strike Syrian targets on the battlefield, aiming to revitalize the plan to overthrow the Syrian government while providing a net of protection to their Western-backed “jihadi” proxies. For almost a month now, the western mainstream media have been shamelessly repeating the same filthy lies about the «innocent victims» from Eastern Ghouta, paving the way for a military intervention in order to rescue their proxies in Syria.

On April 10, Trump canceled his trip to the Summit of the Americas in Peru; Defense Secretary, General Mattis, also canceled his trip to San Francisco on April 14, amid statements by government officials that the actions would “take place within 24 or 48 hours”. Carrying 6,500 sailors and 60 Tomahawk missiles, the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman has already been deployed in the area, along with seven other warships. Great Britain is sending submarines and frigates, and France its own warships. Today’s statement by Trump -that it is not clear when and when the strikes will be launched- is a maneuver that should not mislead anyone.

What the US are preparing together with their British and French allies is not just a “business-as-usual” kind of strike. There is a real possibility that the imminent assault will become the opening act of a direct, full-scale intervention in Syria in order to push back the Syrian army and eradicate the progress that the Syrian government has achieved in the battlefield.

Faced with such a threat of an imminent criminal assault, no progressive person can take a neutral stance. The reactionary imperialist intervention of the United States, France and Britain, with the support of NATO members and, of course, the Greek state, must be defeated. Syria and its allies have every right to defend themselves and respond, should the Western alliance carry out its threats. At this crucial moment, when the Empire -the pillar of the global capitalist system- is updating its hegemony on the planet by the use of military means, those who do not take a clear position but instead continue talking vaguely about various “imperialisms” that are intervening in Syria offer nothing more than lullabies to the people of the Left. And let us ask them this: should there be a response to the imminent missile attack of the US and its allies, yes or no? Is the Syrian government entitled to defend itself? If Russia and Iran step along to help in the defense of their Syrian ally, should we denounce them as well? Could it be that defense against the American attack is equally unjust?

For us, the Western imperialists and their regional allies (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and all those who fund reactionary Islamist organizations) are waging an unjust war. The Syrian government and its allies (Hizbullah, Iran, Russia), on the other hand, are waging a just, anti-imperialist war. There is no such thing as “two competing imperialist blocs”.

On Friday, April 13, we demonstrate in front of the US Embassy in Athens. We do not demonstrate against all parties involved in the conflict. We are not generally speaking in favor of peace; after all, this peace is the «Pax Americana». And this is the kind of «peace» that the Empire, that has been leading the planet since the end of WW II, is trying to update. This is a fake peace, a bourgeois peace. We demonstrate for the destruction of this “peace”; we demonstrate for the defeat of the Empire, the victory of the anti-imperialist and modern anti-colonial movements, foolishly labeled by some as the «other imperialist bloc», a characterization which only serves in whitewashing the modern Roman Empire.

Syria and its allies have every right to defend themselves by any means possible.

  • Victory to the arms of the Resistance!
  • Death to imperialism!
  • Hizbullah Fighters, Soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army – Crush the armies of the Empire!

Rally at the US embassy in Athens, Friday, April 13 at 18:30

Communist Revolutionary Action  Avantgarde



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