We hereby translate and reprint a statement by our comrades from the Frente Comunista dos Trabalhdores (Brazil) regarding the escalating threats for a new coup by the counter-revolution. The statement was published on the 21st of March, prior to the recent arrest of Lula. Translated by PK, edited by GK – for avantgarde.

For a united front of the entire Left against the coup plotters, on the streets, in the elections, in the places of work, study and housing! Now!

Alert Manifesto by the Communist Workers’ Front

A day after the carnival, the Army, the Globo TV channel and the Temer government escalated military intervention in the country’s second most important state, as anprelude for the imposition of a new regime in the country. One month after the start of the intervention, a popular parliamentarian was executed, in a public street in the center of the city, with four shots in the face. Nobody should be fooled by the stories about a “robbery”. This was a message from the coup leaders to the Left.Their goal is to terrorize those who take a stand against the military intervention, to which the city council is also opposed. The following week and in broad daylight, armed fascist militias threatened Lula, the top leader of the masses and favorite candidate of the population, who is about to be arrested by the regime.

PT and PSOL continue to keep a sectarian stance while being attacked by the same front of right-wing enemies. With the military intervention underway and fascists taking advantage, the Left is not building the necessary united front, believing that somehow it will benefit from the elections.

If the coup regime decide to go ahead with the elections, they will use them to camouflage the militarization of social control. At the same time they try to stifle the struggle against the re-enslavement of labor and to cover up theirdirty deeds with media manipulation, as Globo has been doing now with the murder of Marielle, pushing «against violence and for more intervention» (although, to confuse, it was announced that the military would withdraw from VilaKennedy). The elections will manipulate the leftist electoral body enough, so that nobody goes to the second round. At best, they will try to stage something equivalent to the second round of the French elections between the right (Macron) and the extreme right (Marine Le Pen) in 2017. In other words, if elections do take place, if there is no new parliamentary or military coup… Boulos, Marina and Ciro and the PT candidate will annul one another, dividing left-wing political capital and allowing the Right and the extreme Right to go to the second round.

The result of these elections could be the legitimation of the next ruler who will formally get rid of the coup plotters. The successor of Temer will have the task of imposing all the approved slaveholding counter-reforms plus the gutting of social security, continuing the policy of expropriation and national neo-colonization imposed by imperialism and finance capital.

However, what we should be concerned about at the moment is not the legitimizing elections of the coup, but state terrorism and the growing para-state, the nationalization of military intervention against the population and the selective execution of the popular leaders, such as Marielle, and the arrest of Lula and the almost 50 assassinations of leaders of the social struggle since the impeachment. Those who do not know how to defend their democratic rights, their historical achievements and their own lives will not be alive to defend new conquests.

The Left is happy to form formal united fronts in manifestos of unity between its organizations, but with no real base in the streets, let alone in the elections;at a time when the political situation reminds us of the climate of that film «Z» by CostaGavras. Only this is not simply a movie. Greece has gone through 7 years of military dictatorship.

For the end of the military intervention in Rio!

Against Lula’s arrest and in defense of his right to run as a candidate!

For a united front of the entire Left against the coup plotters, on the streets, in the ELECTIONS, in the places of work, study and housing, now!

For self-defense committees of social militants, trade union movement, working-class organizations, youth and popular movement, popular Brazilian fronts and people without fear, to prevent new Marielles, to prevent the hatching of the egg of the fascist counterrevolution, to prevent the consolidation of the new dictatorship!



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