Brazil: Military threatening with Coup 2.0 A preventive civil war against workers is underway



We hereby translate and reprint an article by our comrades from the Frente Comunista dos Trabalhdores (Brazil) regarding the recent threats for a new coup by the counter-revolution. PK

Several generals at the top of the army publicly began to jointly defend «military intervention» as a way out of the political crisis, and were followed by half a dozen of federal deputies defending militarism and Congressional closure, as well as the Bolsonazis who were already notorious for their fascist program. The military occupation of Rio de Janeiro was extended as a general rehearsal for the second phase of the coup in Brazil.

The counterrevolution is preparing a preventive civil war against the working population so that, through the intensification of state terror, the exploited will not have the time to rise up against the harmful effects of the measures recently approved by the Temer government, such as the labor reform that goes into effect in November, the end of pensions that is being prepared in Congress, in addition to the outsourcing of the activity, the freezing of salary expenses, health and education for 20 years.

The Temer government is about to fulfill its dirty work. But due to the very way it came to power, its kleptocratic nature and the expropriation of the historical rights of the exploited and oppressed working people, it has worn out in an accelerated way. The parliamentary form in which this coup was carried out gives the beneficiaries of the coup an advantage over those of the 1964 coup: after the exhaustion of all the civil institutions of the regime and in the face of immense accumulated popular discontent, the coup bourgeoisie can present the military as saviors of the motherland, deceiving significant portions of the population. The military is a mere tool of multinationals, bankers, big capitalists and imperialism, the great beneficiaries of the coup plot.

The working class cannot passively watch this escalation. It is necessary to alert our whole class about the gravity of the situation, to have meetings to discuss the necessary measures and to organize popular committees against the coup in every place of work, housing and study, with the goal of forming a National Congress of the Working Class to defeat all the attacks of the coup plotters. A catastrophe is approaching, as the military occupation of the city of Rio, amplified to a possible federal intervention throughout the State of Rio, is acting as a test for the future military coup that is supported by banks and multinationals. Folha de Trabalhador, one of the first organizations in the country to warn our class against the coup since 2013, made the following prognosis in issue 28 of its printed newspaper a few weeks ago:

«Rio 2017 may become Brazil 2018

Marcos Silva


Rio de Janeiro in 2017 is an experiment by the coup bourgeoisie, a rehearsal of the imposition of a state of emergency (GLO, Guarantee of Law and Order) in more than one cities, at a national level. The GLO authorizes the president to use the armed forces in various “exceptional” cases, such as in the Olympics or against demonstrators on 24/5 in Brasilia.

We believe that the bourgeoisie will increasingly strangle democratic freedoms, especially workers’ democracy, trade unions, associations, leftist parties and their media, as well as establishing a McCarthyism in schools and universities. In this way, they will convert the current regime into a form of dictatorship with the increasing presence of the armed forces, the army and police on streets, in the control of social life.

We know full well that the repression will be directed against the organized social movements and strikes that may happen due to the resistance to restrictions of freedom and the destruction of labor and social security rights.

The coup is not only against the PT, but against all workers in Brazil. It is up to us to organize and resist it as much as possible amidst the barbarism unleashed by the coup-bourgeoisie aligned with the interests of Imperialism.”


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