The Commander-in-Chief of the Empire is persona non grata


Rally against the Obama visit

Tuesday 15/11, 17:00 Athens (Polytechnic School)

The US president is the leading political representative of the American bourgeoisie and of the hegemon-state of the imperialist Empire. The Empire – NATO, EU, IMF – is the center of the global counter-revolution, the backbone of capitalist domination, the guardian and guarantor of the conservation and reproduction of the capitalist system.

From the Greek memoranda to the slums of Latin America and India, the modern capitalist barbarism is based on the leeches of finance capital.

Behind the flashy TV images lies the abhorrent military and political machine that loots and wreaks death and destruction throughout the world. Behind the façade of so-called democracy lie the policies that financed and directed the fascist death-squads in Ukraine, leading to the creation of the first openly pro-Nazi government in the history of postwar Europe. They are the same policies that used the most obscurantist forces in the Middle East to promote the recolonization of the region, together with the military interventions in Libya and Syria and the military coup in Egypt. Behind the Obama’s Nobel peace prize lies the bottomless imperialist hypocrisy, which measures the value of human life on a double standard, fosters Islamophobia and brings back ultra right-wing nationalism.

Barack Obama’s hands, as well as the hands of every other US president, are dripping with blood. Those who are overjoyed with the electoral victory of Trump would do well to remember this.

For anyone who struggles against capitalist exploitation and oppression, the Obama visit is a provocation. It means support for the neoliberal dismantling of the remnants of the postwar social contract. It is a further confirmation of the role of the Greek state and its ruling class as a component part of the imperialist empire. It corroborates the criminal support and participation of the Greek government in the imperialist crusades in Ukraine and the Middle East.

We take the streets against the political representative of US imperialism, who is responsible for dozens of military interventions around the world, and against the lousy buffoons of the Greek government who welcome him, drooling for a «positive statement about the debt». Where the government sees allies, the revolutionary proletariat recognizes a deadly foe.

We take the streets as a minimum indication of solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are struggling against US-orchestrated coups in Venezuela and Brazil.

As a minimum indication of solidarity with the armed struggle of the Peoples’ Republics of the Donbass against the neo-liberal, dictatorial and pro-Nazi puppet regime of imperialism based in Kiev.

As a minimum indication of solidarity with the armed struggle of the Axis of Resistance in Syria and the Middle East against the Empire and its reactionary proxies and allies.

We take the streets, knowing well that the opening of revolutionary roads towards the communist society requires the destruction of the imperialist Empire, the dismantling of the EU apparatus, the crushing of the NATO armies.

Communist Revolutionary Action ★ Avantgarde


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