Διεθνιστική αρθρογραφία σχετικά με το δημοψήφισμα


Έχει μια αξία να ασχολείται κανείς με το πώς βλέπουν και οι έξω τα πράγματα, προσφέρει μια άλλη οπτική που κανείς ίσως να χάνει όταν βλέπει τα πράγματα από κοντινή απόσταση. Ένας κομμουνιστής στη Βενεζουέλα, για παράδειγμα, έχει χίλια πράγματα να καταλογίσει στο ρεφορμιστή Μαδούρο – και δίκαια. Μπορεί κάποια στιγμή να παρασυρθεί και να αντιμετωπίσει την πάλη που διεξάγει ενάντια στον Μαδούρο ως μια εσωτερική διαμάχη του κομμουνισμού με το ρεφορμισμό, χάνοντας από την οπτική του τη μεγάλη εικόνα: ότι δηλαδή υπάρχει και ένας μεγαλύτερος εχθρός στη διαμάχη, ο ιμπεριαλισμός, που διεξάγει επίσης πάλη ενάντια στο Μαδούρο προσπαθώντας να επιβάλει αλλαγή καθεστώτος. Ένας κομμουνιστής που είναι μακριά, και άρα βλέπει τη μεγαλύτερη εικόνα, μάλλον δε θα κάνει το λάθος αυτό τόσο εύκολα, θα αναγνωρίσει αμέσως τον κύριο εχθρό και θα στρέψει σε αυτόν όλα του τα βέλη – χωρίς αυτό να σημαίνει ότι παραιτείται από την όποια κριτική του απέναντι στον Μαδούρο. Αναδημοσιεύουμε λοιπόν τις ανακοινώσεις τριών ξένων επαναστατικών οργανώσεων σχετικά με το δημοψήφισμα της Κυριακής που, ανεξάρτητα από επιμέρους διαφωνίες και παρατηρήσεις, τοποθετούνται με σωστό τρόπο πάνω στο κύριο επίδικο. Λόγω έλλειψης χρόνου δεν προλαβαίνουμε να τις μεταφράσουμε.

1. Socialist Fight, Liaison Committee for the Fourth International (LCFI)

The Greek Revolution has begun! Vote NO!

By Gerry Downing Socialist Fight 2 June 2015

Socialist Fight calls on the Greek workers, small farmers and middle class allies to vote NO in the referendum on Sunday 5 July. We think the taking of a referendum was a TACTICAL error but then the whole political orientation of Syriza is a SRTATEGIC error in attempting to negotiate to save Greek capitalism and in opposing the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism in Greece, in Europe as a whole and globally.

Nonetheless it is not just what the revolutionary party or even the most advanced vanguard of the class understands but what the class as a whole, or at least its majority, understands and fights for consciously that informs our transitional demands. …more here

2. Revolutionary Communist Tendency (RCIT)

Referendum in Greece on 5 July: Vote OXI! against the EU-Troika!

No to any Austerity Program! Break with the EU and IMF! Nationalize the Banks and Media under Workers’ Control!

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 30.6.2015, www.thecommunists.net

– The SYRIZA-led government has announced a popular referendum on 5 July in response to the latest ultimatum from the EU-Troika. Since issuing their threat, the European imperialist governments and the media as well as their Greek comprador-lackeys (e.g. ND, PASOK, Potami) are trying to provoke panic in Greece. In fact, it is actually they who are panicking! For the henchmen of the financial jackals, who are ostensibly for bourgeois “democracy,” this holding of a referendum is going much too far: How can the Greek government dare let the people vote on an austerity program?! What would happen if in other countries people would also be asked to vote on social cuts?! No, according to the EU-Troika, there is no place for such degrees of democracy in the world of corporation omnipotence and austerity programs! …read more

Και ο χαιρετισμός της οργάνωσης αυτής προς τους σοσιαλιστές στην Ελλάδα που παλεύουν για την επικράτηση του ΟΧΙ:

Greetings to All Greek Socialists Who Are Campaigning for a Vote of OXI in 5 July Referendum

Solidarity Message from the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 3.7.2015, www.thecommunists.net

The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) sends its warmest greetings of solidarity to all Greek socialists who are campaigning during these dramatic days for a loud and clear vote of OXI in the Referendum to be held on 5 July!

The last few days have demonstrated once more the reactionary and imperialistic nature of the European Union which is now seen for what it truly is – nothing but an instrument of the robber banks and corporations! The EU leaders are enraged that the Greek people are no longer prepared to accept their being plundered and robbed by the oligarchs! …read more

3. Workers Power, League for the Fifth International

Greece: oxi means no – reject EU ultimatum and fight for workers’ power

29 June, 2015

All eyes are on Greece as its citizens prepare to vote in a referendum on the Troika austerity ‘offer’ that will dramatically shape the course of the wider European resistance to austerity.

The consequences of rejection – No – should not be underestimated and cannot be entirely predicted. Nevertheless it is right to reject the capitalist blackmail, not least because this will encourage the anti-austerity forces in the southern European countries suffering most acutely from the Troika’s ‘medicine’.

The Troika insists this is a referendum on Greece’s future in the Eurozone; in reality it is a referendum on whether the Greek people should accept the humiliating terms dictated by the Troika and serve as a warning to others that resistance to austerity is futile. …read more


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